Go Retro With These Unique iPad Stands

A stand is a great way to add a whole new display element to your iPad and can change the way you use it in your home. If you’re on the search for an iPad stand but don’t want something cold and boring, look no further. We’ve found some quirky retro stands that are unique, nostalgic and totally classic.

  • Macintosh Classic iPad Stand (DIY) - This DIY stand was created using an old Macintosh Classic. What’s great about this DIY project is that the screen size of the Macintosh is about the same size of the iPad screen, so it fits just right. The only problem is the inaccessibility of the home button. You can do this project yourself with this DIY guide.
  • Etch A Sketch iPad Case ($39) - This cute plastic case is all about classic childhood nostalgia. It has rubber feet and felt backing with openings to access your iPad’s buttons, ports, etc. The case also sports a retractable kick stand, allowing you to lay your iPad flat or angle it.
  • iCADE iPad Arcade Cabinet ($99) - Originally starting off as an April Fool’s joke, this arcade cabinet is reminiscent of the old arcades you’d find in your local movie theater. It’s sure to bring back some childhood memories and even works with Atari’s greatest hits app. Everything is done over Bluetooth, so there is little to set up. You can play over 100 vintage games just as they were meant to be played.
  • CRT iPad Dock ($TBD) - Designed by Jonas Damon, this iPad dock reminds us of those old CRT TV’s we grew up with, but with a modern twist. Jonas has also made an iPhone and iPad dock in a similar style. The dock is still in the prototype stage so we’re not sure when it may be available, but if it ever is we’d love to get your hands on it.
  • V-luxe ($500) - This kickstarter project by Paula Anne Patterson began as a birthday gift and is now seeking funding to get it from prototype to production. This classic wooden stand has swivel and tilt adjustments along with a compartment for an accessory speaker. With all the video content available on the iPad, this retro television set frames the iPad perfectly for watching movies.