(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
As one of the most personal spaces in a home, the bedroom is a great room for experimenting with bold colors. Of course, bold does not necessarily mean bright paint colors. Some of the rooms in this roundup are dramatically dark while others rely on patterns or accessories to bring the bold.

Syd + Eric's "Dia de los Malkovich" Room
Emily's "Citron Pop" Room
Sofia's "Striped Ceiling" Room
Rohde's "Energetic & Inspiring" Room
Melanie's "Terracotta Traveler" Room
Sylvie's "Multicoloured" Room
Erin's "Gloomy Resilience" Room
Olivier's "Green Canvas" Room
Suzannah's "Adventures in Dressmaking" Room
Tahnee's "Comfortable Glam" Room

All of our Room for Color entrants are hoping you'll add their room as one of your favorites and help them move on to the finals. Remember, you can "favorite" as many rooms as you like during this round, so dive in and find some favorites!