What's your first inscinct when something breaks? Some will say repair it, some say replace it ... and then there are those who see a dirty, broken keyboard or blender and think to themselves, "I can still use this."

If you want to add some greenery to your desk or your garden, but the dime-a-dozen pots at the home store are too bland for your tastes, look around a secondhand store (or your parents' dusty basement) for something more unique. Whether your thrift store tech find is a vintage refrigerator drawer, or just a broken keyboard from the 1990's, you can turn it into a cool planter.

Basically, take anything with a tray, bowl, or concave cavity and fill it with dirt. Then, drop some seeds in (try Garden Cress, like the keyboard above), or re-pot a plant (like the Bonzai in the blender). Tend to your new greenery and enjoy the simple pleasures (and health benefits) of living with plants.

Why not make a planter out of...

A Keyboard, like in this prank on Reddit.

A Vintage Refrigerator Drawer, like Apartment Therapy's Amber Byfield.

A Blender, like Riner Rosing of Core Since Eighty-Four.

Old Car Parts, like we spotted at Flora Grubb Gardens.

(Images: As linked above)