Gold, Bronze & Copper for the Kitchen & Bath

KBIS 2010

At the recent KBIS Kitchen and Bath Design tradeshow, we saw lots and lots of fixtures and finishes in warm tones. From true gold to dark and burnished bronze to shiny and penny-bright copper, this was a trend that was getting featured plenty at the front and center of the booths.

We've definitely been seeing a trend shift toward gold for more decor-related accessories for tabletop or in the livingroom, but it feels like a much bigger decision to start adding gold, bronze or copper to your bath or kitchen. The pieces that we saw at the show, such as bath hardware, kitchen appliances and the like, are the ones that you (hopefully!) are going to have around for a long time and are pretty much only switched out during a major renovation.

What do you think? Do you think you would you "go for the gold" in your kitchen or bath?

(Images: Janel Laban)

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