Good Books Shelf by Jason Neufeld

Design Showcase 2009 - The Semi Finals

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• Designer: Jason Neufeld
• Your Link: and hello @ jasonneufeld dot com
• Location: Brooklyn, NY

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• Title: Good Books Shelf
• Materials: American ash, wood stain, linseed based paint
• Price Point: About 20 hrs of work + materials = $625

Description: These shelves use the wall to redistribute weight, allowing a wide span with minimal hardware. Segmented compartments keep the planks from bowing and accommodate oversized art books; the frame functions like book ends. Similar to a built-in book shelf, but one that you can take with you. Thanks!



My studio is one room of my two bedroom apartment.

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• Favorite Designer: Luis Barragan's designs are simple, stimulating, honest, and inviting. His use of color and materials is amazing.



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• Favorite Design (not by you!): I love the classic Finn Juhl "45" chair. Really I love everything Finn Juhl!


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