Curtain Color and Style for Bedroom?

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Q: My husband and I recently redecorated our bedroom with the Yarrow curtain from World Market as our inspiration. Now that the room is all set-up, I hate how the curtain and bedding look together. What color and style of curtain would look best in this room?:

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The walls are painted Olympic Oyster Shell, the bedding is a few shades lighter, and the accents are a mustard color. I thought it would all look good together, but alas a light curtain does not look good with the light floors, ceiling, or bedding. The bedding was much more expensive than the curtain, so I do not want to replace it. I wouldn't mind throwing in another color so it doesn't look too "matchy" so maybe a heavier navy curtain? I do plan on putting a large painting above the bed, but as I will be painting it myself, I want to know if the curtains will bring a different color or style to the room that should be incorporated into the art. Any suggestions?

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