Good Fitted Sheets for IKEA Mattresses?

Good Fitted Sheets for IKEA Mattresses?

Regina Yunghans
Oct 4, 2012

Q: My husband and I have IKEA mattresses in both of the two bedrooms in our apartment. They are super comfortable to sleep on, but they are also only about 8 inches thick, which makes it nearly impossible to find a nice quality, good thread count, set of sheets to fit them!

The smallest fitted sheets I can find on the regular market "fit up to 15 inches", and even the "nice" sheets at IKEA "fit up to 11 3/4 inches." The sheets just get bunchy when you sleep and it's pretty annoying. Do you know of anywhere that sells really nice sheets for smaller mattresses? Or have any tips on getting sheets that are too big to fit better? There have to be some fellow New Yorkers out there with this problem!

Sent by Mary

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