Good Food To Share by Sara Kate

Maxwell’s Daily Find 08.03.11

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Good Food To Share by Sara Kate

• $18.70

I'm so proud of my wife's new book that I want you all to know that it was released yesterday and that you should all run out and buy it. :-) Seriously, this is her best book to date and is filled with a broad range of recipes for entertaining that carry her signature: a love of really fresh, simple ingredients and creative taste combinations (these are not hard recipes to cook!). There are also stunning photographs that put the porn back in food porn. If you want one new really good all around cookbook this summer to use right away, this is it. Listen to Dorie Greenspan: "In real life, Sara Kate is sweet and smart, funny, warm, gracious and boundlessly enthusiastic. She's the kind of person you always want to be around and she makes the kind of food you always want to eat: simple, honest, good looking and very, very good tasting. Here's great news: Sara Kate's style and culinary charm shine on every page of Good Food to Share."

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