Good Idea: Cutting Kids Food with Scissors

Good Idea: Cutting Kids Food with Scissors

Janie Lee
Nov 24, 2009

Saturday evening dinner consisted of Korean food with friends. When the beef kalbi was ready to eat, I started looking for the waitress to bring me a knife.

My friend brought out a little case and unsheathed a small pair of round-edged scissors she had bought in Hong Kong. They were scissors meant to cut baby/toddler food. How ingenious. In no time, I had cut all of the beef into bite-sized morsels with no mess. The scissors are popular in Asia, about the size of very small sewing scissors with rounded edges, very sharp blades and come with a storage case for safety and cleanliness. For something similar, check out ebay (we found these Hello Kitty scissors here) or consider using small embroidery scissors but you'll have to find a case for them.

Thanks, Vanessa!

Image: Ebay seller Young-Hobbys

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