(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

We called them fortune tellers. Maybe you called them cootie catchers. Either way I bet these bring back some memories. It certainly isn’t the first time we’ve posted about this classic homemade game. But here’s a fresh approach to an old classic.

5 Orange Potatoes took this classic kiddie past time and turned into a nature game. The real beauty of it is that you customize it to your kids ages, interests and the specifics of your outdoor surroundings. But to give you an idea of what you could put on the inside of your cootie catcher here are a few examples:

• Hug a tree
• Take off your shoes and put your toes in the dirt
• Go left 30 steps and look for an insect
• Pick up a leaf and find one similar
• Look under a rock

For more ideas as well as detailed instructions on folding the cootie catcher, in case you forgot, pay 5 Orange Potatoes a visit.

(Image: 5 Orange Potatoes)