What Is a Good Color Scheme for this Kitchen?

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Q: We moved into our house about 6 months ago, and painted the entire first floor, including the kitchen, with the sole intent of getting rid of the orange and yellow color scheme that was here before. We also refinished the floors from natural oak to the color in the photos. We love the light gray with white trim on the rest of the first floor, but it just is not working in the kitchen.

As you can see, we have cherry cabinets and "Key West Gold" granite countertops. Can you guys recommend any color schemes that would work? We have too many other projects going on to do a major overhaul, so cabinets and countertops can't change dramatically, but we are open to any color choices for trim, paint, and backsplash, as well as hardware and lighting. We would prefer not to get new appliances unless the black is totally unworkable.

In the photos attached, the room is at its brightest point during the day. It reads much more orange most of the time, thanks to the cabinets.

Thank you!

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