Good Planters from Ikea

Hey, It's only July!

You may think that this is high summer, but that doesn't mean that we don't have three-plus months of growing season ahead of us still. If you haven't put out a planter or watered a windowbox, get going!

Ikea has a great outdoor gardening section and we like their pots and planters particularly. They are cheap, durable enough to play a good supporting role to your plants and come in LOTS of different sizes.

While the store will carry more, here's a roundup of what's online. MGR

  • GRO: $1.50 for three

  • ODLA: $3 each

  • ODLA: Flowerbox Holder $10 each

  • HUSON: $20 - this is 20" high and a favorite....

  • HINK: $3 each

  • HALLON: $3 each

  • FANO: $9 each - this is 17" diameter

  • TISTELO: $20 each - This is 14" high and 13" diameter