Good Product, Bad Packaging: Method Dish Soap

Good Product, Bad Packaging: Method Dish Soap

Gregory Han
Nov 7, 2007

We love companies that go that extra mile, and Method has always made a concerted effort to combine the philosophy of good products with beautiful packaging. Their products are the sort you keep around even after it's all used up, refilling or reusing them because they're well designed products. So it comes with disappointment that Method has dropped the ball with a recent design change.

We've been purchasing Method dishwashing soap since the launch of the company (we mail ordered a box of four upon first seeing the unique Karim Rashid designed squeeze bottle). We still have a couple saved under the sink because we just love the shape. Then came another redesign, perhaps created for the mass market retail outlets that Method has eventually penetrated. Rashid's unusual reverse teardrop dispenser was replaced with a more traditional squeeze bottle; not unattractive, but admittedly not a design that elicited the "oooh, what is that?!" that the Rashid design did. Usability was improved with the second iteration, with a smaller shape, and it was less prone to leak like the Rashid design. The Rashid design was also very large and a little unwieldy, but the pinched neck was its saving grace, allowing a tighter grip. Perhaps we learned to live with the initial design because of the visual and tactile joy it created.

But recently, Method has literally slipped from our good graces with their recent packaging design change for their dish soaps. This new elongated tear drop is striking, but has a fatal flaw: it regularly slips out of our hands when squeezed. And when we say slip out, we mean it shoots out with notable speed, crashing into our sink or dishes. The curvilinear shape becomes extremely slippery when wet, and when squeezed with wet hands, the bottle's non-existent tactile grip makes for an adventurous dish washing experience. This is unfortunately a case where the designer failed to test their design in actual use. We hope Method goes back to the drawing board with this one. For now, we're just bringing back the old design and refilling it, because washing dishes is a pain in the neck as it is.

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