Good Question: Home Fragrance?

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Pauline sent us an email: "I'd like to pose a question to the group: Do you use some kind of home fragrance, whether candles, sprays, incense or otherwise? What scent? What are you trying to achieve by using home fragrance?"

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We'll answer first - we were about to say that we don't use home fragrance regularly, but we really do - everyday. Our main fragrance is Mrs. Meyers Geranium, because we use it everywhere in our home - for dishwashing, laundry, floors, countertops and glass. In this case, the objective of the scent, which we love, is to signify "clean".

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We also have a delicious-smelling room mist called Somnea by Fruits and Passion, which promotes restful sleep (the scent is called Essence of Dreams) and a big Henri Bendel candle in Grapefruit. These are used now and then, sort of in the same way you'd choose to wear "fancy" earrings instead of your everyday ones "just because".

Anyone else care to share their home fragrance regime with Pauline? Let us know in the comments below...

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