Good Question: Accessories or Anchors?

Good Question: Accessories or Anchors?

Janel Laban
Nov 16, 2007

Dane sent us an email: "I'm a young recent college grad and I just moved into a new place. I have a million hand-me-down items (which is fine) but I'm trying to get my own things that better fit my style. I'm still in an entry level job, but I find myself really attracted to great accessories rather than shopping for things I need (couch, dresser, etc). What should I focus on (accessories or room anchors)?"

Great question, Dane. Quality accessories and anchors that really appeal to you are both worth keeping an eye out for at anytime - you need balance in your home.

For now, a (few!) well chosen accessories can really make a style statement that will help your place to feel more like home while you save up for the anchors. Just be sure to keep your eye on the prize - start a style tray of anchor items that you really love, so when the time is right and your budget allows, you will be a confident informed shopper. Once you've built up your style tray, it's worth it to keep an eye on our daily Scavenger - if you've decided on the type/style/era/colors you are looking for and really know what you want, it's easier to recognize and grab a good deal on a second hand piece rather than buying new.

Readers, any advice on accessories vs. anchors for Dane?

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