Good Question: A Non-Sippy Cup

Good Question: A Non-Sippy Cup

Alejandra Valera
Mar 11, 2008

Reader Sara e-mailed us and asked, "Our baby Henry is obsessed with everything we do....Now he is 100% obsessed with drinking out of glasses. We are already starting to cup train him. We know he won't be able to hold his own cup for quite some time but he loves drinking water out of our glasses.

We want to find him a cup safe for babies that is NOT a sippy cup. I can not find a cup with two handles anywhere that's not a sippy cup. Does anyone have any ideas? Ideally, the cup would have some sort of weight in the bottom so it doesn't topple easily. We are very prepared for spillage."

Great question, Sara and one that is right up our alley!

As a Montessori parent, we preferred that our son learn to drink out of a regular cup first, rather than a sippy cup. According to Michael Olaf , a purveyor of all things Montessori, "A cup with a top that prevent spills interrupts the natural development of the child's control of movement, and the development of skills of observation and logical consequence."

For us, it was important that our son learn how things really, i.e., not all cups have safety lids and if you turn your cup a certain way, the contents will spill. It's all part of the learning process. What was truly amazing was that the amount of accidental spills were minimal; children are capable of so much more than we give them credit for.

While there aren't any bottom-heavy double-handled mugs we could find, there are a few other options. Nova Natural offers a three-piece enamel set and one of our favorite stores Little Red Robin also offers the enamel mug and for only $2.50 as does Michael Olaf for only $2.25.

If you're heart is set on a mug with two handles, there's the Dombo mug which may be good for your son when he's a bit older.

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