Beer Bottle Creative Reuse?

Beer Bottle Creative Reuse?

I live in the Virgin Islands and for some reason we don't recycle glass. I used to work at a bar and got angry at how much glass we threw out daily. Also my boyfriend and his friends always have my apartment filled with empty Heineken bottles. So I was wondering if anyone had an idea as to what I can create with these. Preferably something useful or just cool to decorate my walls with. My boyfriend also collects big plastic water gallons. Any creative reuse ideas for those? I was thinking of cutting them in half and creating a lamp shade or candle holder with design cut-outs.

Sent by Paulina

Editor: Does anyone have any thoughts for Paulina? The first thing we think of are the recycled glass bottle clocks in Joan Currie's condo, and then these shelves made from recycled wine bottles. There's also this beer bottom mobile.

Any other ideas?

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