Good Question: Best Modern Shopping Carts?

Good Question: Best Modern Shopping Carts?

Faith Durand
Jun 10, 2008

Here's a good question from reader Ria on the best modern shopping trolley or carts. We have answers below...

Any idea of where to find a modern shopping cart to fit my modern self?

Ria B.

Great question, Ria. In small urban apartments there's no room for a proper shopping trolley. We want something that will store away flat or hide in a closet. And of course trolleys and carts are a virtual necessity in the city. Unless you shop every day or just always take a cab from the grocery back home, it's hard to tote all those jars and milk jugs home.

Here are a few good ones we've seen lately. We're especially impressed with the Riesenthel; it folds up smaller than a travel cosmetic case. It's completely flat; you could store it between the refrigerator and the cupboards, or on the shelf like a book.

The Sur La Table model is very different; it's just a frame for you to hook your own bags on. We like the flexibility this gives, however, and it's quite small.

• Above left: Riesenthal Trolley, $24.95 at
Riesenthel Flowered Trolley - A rather cuter design. $25 at FuturGarb
• Above right: 'Hook and Go' Urban Shopper, $59.95 at Sur La Table.

Do you have any other favorite shopping trolleys?

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