Good Question: Build Your Own Memory Foam Mattress?

Good Question: Build Your Own Memory Foam Mattress?

Gregory Han
Mar 3, 2008

AT reader Rich wrote us asking: "Can you tell me how to make my own memory foam mattress?".

Constructing a DIY memory foam mattress requires a high resiliency foam (known as HR foam) with a density rating of 2.5 - 3lb/ft³ with an indentation load deflection of 26lbs or 31lbs according to Healthy Foundations, a memory foam specialist.

You can follow the materials formula and resources under the cut to create your own budget Tempur-pedic memory foam mattress...

The Nobot made his own memory foam mattress using the following materials from wholesale memory foam dealers:
From top to the bottom layer:

  • $95 MF4Q62 Memory Foam 4.3LB - Queen - 60"x80"x 2"

  • $182 MF5Q63 Memory Foam 5.3LB - Queen - 60"x80"x 3"

  • $34 LRFE82 Lux Regular Foam - Eggcrate - 82"x76"x 2-1/2"

  • $114 LHQFFS84 Lux High Qual. Foam - Full Sheet - 82"x76"x 4"

Total price, shipped, was less than $450.

As you can see, memory foam density is a highly subjective choice, as some may prefer a higher density, while another may prefer a cushier ride. Your best bet is to contact a foam dealer for small square samples to get an idea of each density rating and create a mattress accordingly. And if you don't like it, you can always use the memory foam for other projects.

*we'd like to note we dropped by our local Target and noticed starting Monday all the way through Saturday, Target is having a sale on all their memory foam products.

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