Good Question: Can this chair work with this fabric?

Crutahn writes: Hi AT:LA,

After reading this post about revamping an old club chair, I am feeling a little relieved knowing that someone else is thinking the same way I am. I've been worried that I've gone over the edge and am about to commit a DIY crime. What do you think?.. (continued)

"...I picked up this chair (image on the left) for $100 on Craiglist in Salt Lake City. I am planning to recover it with Ikea's Marimekko knock off (Ikea's here, Marimekko here), and hope to end up with something like Anthropologie's Astrid Pear chair (image on the right).

Does this work? or really NOT work!!"

We think this could totally work, although depending on how talented your reupholstering skills are, all that tucking and tufting may be a bit tricky. What do you guys think? Does anyone have any suggestions or tips?