Good Question: Good-Looking Blank CD?

Good Question: Good-Looking Blank CD?

Dec 4, 2007

Unplggd reader Stacy wrote to us, asking: I'm looking for a unique way to give a mixed CD to a friend for Christmas (a lame gift, I know). I've seen those awesome USB mixed tapes, but does anyone know of a cool-looking blank CD?


Stacy, we don't think it's a lame gift, because it takes thought, and thought counts more than anything when it comes to gifts. As for a cool-looking blank CD, hopefully our readers can chime in. For labels and sticker options, check out the information after the jump.

The timing of your question, Stacy, was perfect, because we saw these CD packaging kits yesterday on GeekSugar. They're by Chronicle Books, and there are 4 styles available:

  • Happy Holiday (shown above)

  • Fauna Mandala (shown above)

  • Petals in Pink, and

  • Surf and Turf

They're also available at Barnes & Noble, and retail for $16. A set includes 25 CD labels, 25 CD envelopes, and stickers.

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