Good Question: Grid Bookcases

Good Question: Grid Bookcases

Maxwell Ryan
Jul 5, 2005

Hello AT,

I went to an open house at a very modern new condo site, and since then have been keeping an eye out for grid bookcases, which they displayed amongst a very minimalist setting. It seems like such a great way to sort and store things, especially if you use colored containers in each cubby to brighten the space while hiding things. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any in the size that I need. I am looking for one that is W48 1/4 x D19 x48 1/4 (or something very close to that). I have seen the Expedit bookcases at Idea, but they are just really too big for my NYC apartment.

Do you have any suggestions where I can find this size in Birch veneer?

Here is an example of the Ikea Expedit bookcases.

An excellent storage solution indeed. But be sure you have a bit of enclosed-storage backup in the unlikely event that you should accumulate some less than presentable items.

Therapists, any suggestions here? PSM

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