Good Question: How to modernize this dining set?

Good Question: How to modernize this dining set?

Janel Laban
Sep 8, 2006

We heard from Amy: I'm hoping that everyone at AT Chicago can help me find a way to make this traditional dining table and chairs fit in with my more modern home. I'll email images of the table and chairs, as well as the couch in the same room and the ajoining kitchen.

I'm open to painting, reupholstering, and refinishing the table and chairs, but am not sure which direction to take this project in. Any suggestions?

Amy says: "Here are the table and chairs, nearby couch and kitchen. The kitchen was gutted and totally redone over the past few months. Sorry for the messy pics but we just moved in last week and are still in boxes! Hope you can post this so everyone can help me figure this one out."

You have lots of beautiful wood grain going on in that fabulous new kitchen so to keep the competition down we think that one way to go would be to redo the table and chairs with a ebonized black paint finish to make them more mod. The photo at left is a dining room from the July Livingetc. magazine. The simple black set gets a boost from the more ornate chair (a flea market find that was simply painted black).

We'd also really like the opposite; a glossy white paint would look gorgeous on the table. A bold patterned fabric on the seats (like the one used at right by Chair Couture) would finish the look.

AT:Chicago!: Your design thoughts and ideas are needed...what do you suggest to modernize Amy's traditional dining set?

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