Good Question: Outdoor Furniture

Good Question: Outdoor Furniture

May 11, 2007

Kristen sent us an email: "Help! I posted this in the open thread, but I am looking for attractive, modern-ish outdoor toys/furniture for kids and am coming up empty handed. Everything is so plastic and somehow threatens to transform our sweet, mellow backyard into Disneyland. Any help greatly appreciated. I did see a very cool shed at velocity design, but um...its WAY out of our budget. Any help would be so amazing. Thanks!"

Yep - we know (and love) that shed - Nursery editor Janie wrote a great post about it! If you haven't already seen this entry, Janie also has looked at some great modern outdoor playsets.

For outdoor furniture, there are some pretty reasonable deals out there. Up top is a cottage country favorite - we saw them everywhere in Muskoka a few years back. No fancy name, but you can find them at Stacks and Stacks, just $149.00 for a set of two. Made of solid cherry, and they fold when not in use, which is so helpful.

Other ideas for outdoor furniture for kids:

• Nursery editor Carrie found these, and they are both classic and inexpensive: KidKraft Adirondack chairs, just $39.97.
• How do you feel about teepees? Jen Klair Kids has a huge selection of them, our you can paint your own.
• In the toys category, lately we are grooving on old-fashioned outdoor games, like bocce and croquet.
• And finally, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. While made of plastic, the Aarnio puppy looks great in a backyard, and you never have to scoop up after him.

AT readers, what do you think? How can we stop the plastification/disneyfication of our backyards and green spaces, while still providing kids outdoor furniture and toys? What would you suggest for Kristen?

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