Good Question: Repairing a shipped table

Good Question: Repairing a shipped table

May 14, 2007

Sharon writes, I need your help please. I scored the dining table of my dreams only to have UPS damage it during shipping. I'm wondering if you or any of your readers have a recommendation for a good furniture restorer in L.A. I don't see how it can be restored to it's previous condition... at this point I'm just hoping to keep the damage from getting worse. I'm afraid things will snag on the rough veneer and pull more of it up. Is there any way of sealing it to keep that from happening?

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It's so heartbreaking to see such a beautiful, pristine example of mid-century design get banged up like this, but I'm trying to keep things in perspective and remember it is just a table. But it's hard!


We have also had issue with an Ebay purchase [a similar side of table issue], but fortunately the piece of wood was not what we had purchased the table for, but rather the base, and we just lived with the character that UPS so nicely added. We did a little snooping around the web and found this answer from How Stuff Works that says that the veneer can be patched by replacing it with a matching veneer. It sounds like a bit of work, but potentially could be solved with a fair amount of homework. Another source of help would be to go to a local vintage shop that you admire. They generally are very savvy on repairs and might be able to do it for you or give you the name of someone who can help.

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