Good Questions: Record Storage?

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Claire sent in a good question:

Does anyone have a suggestion for a container, case or small shelving system for storing 12" and 7" records? I don't have a very big apartment, so a big piece of old-school stereo furniture is not an option. Currently, my lps are stacked in piles in the corner of my living!

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What came to mind immediately when reading Claire's question was the Cubits system shown above in the photo from Melissa and Matt's house tour. When we interviewed Melissa about her home she told us that the system is the perfect size for record storage.

Aside from the good size, they are super adaptable and can be configured in many different ways, depending on the space available (which may change in future homes). They also are very study; each shelf holds up to 55 lbs.

Heather also answered a similar question in's the link for other options.

All other ideas and suggestions are welcome...let us know your record storage solutions in the comments.

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