Good Question: Refurbish a Down Comforter?

Good Question: Refurbish a Down Comforter?

Laure Joliet
Sep 9, 2008

I'm looking to re-furbish my down comforter and pillows. Is there anyone in the LA area that does this? Thanks

Hi Umi--

We haven't needed to restuf our down quilt yet and doing a quick search, the only reputable company we could fnd was The Down Store who will clean and fill your old down comforter for around $125 for a queen. But they're in New York.

Locally we found Michelle's Feather and Down that specialize in down cushions for furniture but they also list pillows and duvets, so they would be worth contacting to see if they'll refurbish as well.

Has anyone had this done in LA?

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