Good Question: Veet Commericial Furniture ID?

Good Question: Veet Commericial Furniture ID?

Janel Laban
Jun 20, 2007

Janet spent some time doing screen grabs before sending in this question: "Can anyone ID the furniture featured in that Alyssa Milano for Veet commercial? Being a fellow AT member, I was more interested in the props than the product."

"I managed to grab 2 pictures from the Veet web site--one of the couch and one of the side table.

(Had to replay the commercial about 20 times before I got them, too, so hopefully my efforts don't go to waste!).

Here's a link to the site, which features the commercial for those who want to see more images of the furniture (or Alyssa Milano, whichever floats your boat).

The couch looks kind of Room & Board to me, but I haven't seen anything they have with just a single seat cushion."

Well, your screen capture efforts were not wasted - we can ID the sofa - it looks like it is the Bantam sofa from Design Within Reach in Sage.

We're looking to the readers for the side table (shown above) info...

Can anyone come through on that part of the mystery?

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