Good Question: Where can I find this patio umbrella?

Good Question: Where can I find this patio umbrella?

Aug 8, 2007

Jamie has been inspired by a local "escape" and now is on a mission to bring this idea home:

Hi AT:LA- So, you know the Hollywood Standard Hotel has those patio "umbrellas" that are just flat round circles on posts in white? Does anyone know who makes those where can I buy one? Its making me crazy trying to find them online. Patio umbrellas are 90% hideous. Thanks!

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Hi Jaime,
Ah yes, The Standard Hotel in Hollywood. I remember when it first opened (hard to believe it's been almost 10 years!), I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that they were bold enough to put down blue astro-turf. Good times... but I digress- I think what might help your search is to try the term "sun shade" as opposed to "umbrella", since these particular ones don't actually open up like a traditional umbrella does.

A quick search yielded this single version from Inmod, but they do also have a triple version too. A bit pricey, but very swanky... Does anyone have one of these, or know another source for this type of sun shade?

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