Good Question: What to put at the foot of the bed?

Good Question: What to put at the foot of the bed?

Laure Joliet
Aug 17, 2007

Hello AT,

Here's a small, 25" wide section of my apartment I don't know what to do with. It's at the foot of my bed and the blankness is kind of ugly. I wanted to put in a deco floor radio but the one I found was a few inches too big. I would like to add a large radio or something similar in shape but am open to ideas.

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We love the idea of a deco radio and saw this one on ebay this morning. We also understand your space constrictions. We like the idea of a console table instead (might be more useful) or would you consider a bench at the end of the bed? Domino has some great references for benches here.

What do you guys think? 25" isn't much room to work with but this is a small space blog, so let's hear your suggestions.

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