Good Question: Where to Recycle Hair Straightener?

Good Question: Where to Recycle Hair Straightener?

Jun 13, 2007

At AT:Home Tech, we strive to be of good service to you, our loyal readers. elizabeth in AL asked us where to recycle her hair straightener--and we came up with an answer that works for more than just hair straighteners!

A bit of research showed some great cities that recycle them (or at least related curling irons), and some that didn't...and her home state of AL proved basically impossible to figure out either way.

But our green desires kept us pushing to find an answer, so we referenced our previous article on recycling and dug into the database to find a recycler. Finally, we had success! Read on to learn about the option we found...

You can send your hair straighteners and many other items to:
Clean Earth Recycling
2028 W. 11th Street
Upland, CA 91786-3509

Give them a call at 909.949.8025 to find out if what you want to recycle is something they accept at no charge. We spoke with Erin, who let us know that they break down all the parts and then send them on to specialized recyclers. They even work with an LG plant located in Alabama to recycle their unused parts, so you don't need to live in their immediate area to take advantage of this service.

What's this going to cost elizabeth in AL? Well, if she can fit it in a flat rate priority envelope, which is 9.5" x 12.5", perhaps by reinforcing it with packing tape to bend it to her will, it'll cost her only $4.60.

If she needs to send it in her own packaging, estimating the weight to be 1 lb. 4 oz. based on this model, her best bet is parcel post, for $6.15.

elizabeth lamented that she doesn't live in CA where these options abound, but she's definitely game for mailing it to the recyclers there.

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