Good Question: We're Remodeling - Do Kids Need Bathtubs?

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Britta writes in for advice: I have a 1920s cottage with just one bathroom. We're expecting a baby this July and are remodeling our bathroom before he arrives. It's a standard/small bathroom and we were thinking of removing the tub and doing a shower only. But do kids need bathtubs? I know we'll use a portable tub for him at first, but what about when he's a toddler, or 4?

Britta, one thing that came to mind when we read your question was the Bibabath which we saw on Optimist months ago. It's a tub-like product to use in your shower which, unfortunately, seems to only be available in Europe, but perhaps worth investigating.

Readers - have you raised kids in a tub-less home? Any advice to share with Britta?

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