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We're not going to lie. We were REALLY excited about this election. Swept up in the hoopla. We were so excited that we now have a drawer full of leftover pins, bumper stickers, postcards, and a few lawn signs. (And we have a feeling we're not alone?)

So, what do we do with all of it now?

We plan to keep some of the schwag as a souvenir -- but we don't need to keep all of it. On the other hand, we'd rather not throw the rest of it in the trash. That'd be pretty wasteful.

So what do we do? Well we have a few ideas -- but we hope you'll add your own in the comments. What are you doing with your bumper stickers, pins, lawn signs, t-shirts, etc?


  • If you had enough T-shirts, you could make one of those T-shirt quilts....

What else?

image via Treehugger