Good Questions: Decor Help That Can Move When We Do?

Good Questions: Decor Help That Can Move When We Do?

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 26, 2007

Hey there AT crew!

I am a big fan and have been viewing your site for about a year and half now. I'm not very good at decorating, but I sure do enjoy the beauty of a well decorated place. I can't really seem to decide on a style of my own, so I'm hoping from looking at the pictures of my living room area, you can make some suggestions for me. All help and suggestions are welcome, even if it means getting rid of present decor....

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Some dimensions of my place:

Ceiling Height is : 9'2"
The wall with the sofa is 11'6"
Sofa length on wall 10'1"
Sitting on the sofa, wall to left has sliding glass door-Wall total length is 15'6"
glass doors take up 5' 10"
Sitting on the sofa, opposite wall (the one with the TV in pictures) is same as sofa wall...11'6"
Sitting on the sofa, looking to the see into kitchen and dining area, bar is 4'8"

It is an apartment, and me and my husband are both active duty military, we will probably only be here another year, what can I do in the mean time, that can be easily moved/translated into our next home? Hoping our next home will be a house to live in for at least 2-5 years.

Thanks for any help! Teresa

Dear Teresa,

These are typically really hard questions to answer in a satisfactory way on the blog because they are so general, but since your room is SCREAMING out for help, we're going to try the tag team approach. With this approach, we start a list of tips and ask readers to add to it. Here goes:

1. Buy our book, Apartment Therapy: The Eight Step Home Cure, and read it! Seriously, it was written specifically for problems like this and it works.

2. Add color. Your room is very very drab and beige. Good places to add color are: pillows, art and an area rug to center the room.

3. Paint the wall behind your TV an accent color. This will bring style and focus to this room.

4. Check out other's home until you find one you really like. Here's a few good links to homes:
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Then copy it!

Anyone else?

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