Good Questions: Can There Ever Be Too Much Wood?

Good Questions: Can There Ever Be Too Much Wood?

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 28, 2007

Hello AT,

My husband and I have been renovating our house. Mostly, we've been installing bamboo flooring in most of our house including the kitchen. The kitchen is open to the living area and we thought it would be best to continue the same flooring.

So far we love the look and feel of the bamboo and we are delighted. However, we haven't been able to find a dining table to fit into the space...

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Since our kitchen cabinets are maple and our floor is bamboo, it seems like alot of wood. Is there such a thing as too much wood? We've been looking at alot of sleek and light dining tables such as strut table(ivory or watermelon) and nick dining table from Bludot. Any suggestion on how to furnish this dining room? What kind of materials or look would go well here?

Thank you. Stacey

Dear Stacey,

We love wood, but it is nice to break it up a bit and increase the complexity of your space with other materials and surfaces. We like the direction you are going in with the sleek and light feeling. Bamboo is a nicely contemporary choice, so a modern table will go well with it.

The NICK table is nice, but it is a new wood. The STRUT table would be our preference, particularly in watermelon.

Take a look at Jane and Darko's apartment, because they use the same table very nicely.

Anyone else???

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