Good Questions: Sophisticated sanctuary and fun bedroom/playroom?

Good Questions: Sophisticated sanctuary and fun bedroom/playroom?

Feb 20, 2007


We were thrilled with our living room AT CURE makeover (see more photos here: before and after). We wanted a living room that worked for grown-up cocktail parties and toddler playdates and felt that we succeeded on both counts.

How can we work the same magic in the bedroom? This, too, is a shared space. The grown-ups want a sophisticated sanctuary...but the three-year old wants a fun bedroom/playroom...
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Is it possible to do both? Any ideas on where to go next? We're feeling a bit stuck.

Mama Chilanga

Mama Chilanga,

We think that some of the suggestions from last week's question about a bed in a studio might actually work for you, too. If you moved your bed against the wall instead of between the two windows, you could place a screen or sheer curtain in front of it to add some privacy and act as a divider, and the room would seem a bit larger.

We're a little stuck on the chest and mirror and two bedside tables, however -- it seems like there are too many large pieces for the size of the room. Can you remove any of them? Perhaps you could use just small shelves as nightstands, with small bedside lamps on dimmers.

We'd also move the mobile so that it hangs over the three-year old's bed, or over the storage unit, and you could get some great baskets that would fit in (and on?) the storage cubes and hold all the toys.

Anyone else?

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