Good Questions: Wood Floor Protectors?

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Parker sent us a good question: "I need some help. I put nice hardwood floors in my place this past year but the wooden chairs i have in my dining room are not meant to be on hardwood so i placed those sticky fuzzy bottom things on the bottom of the legs.

Problem is that those things really suck. If people move around a little, they fall off and then leave the sticky gunk all over the floor. Is there a better alternative to these things?"

We know what Parker is talking about - we use those felt things on our desk chair and they are a bit of a pain and just don't stay sticky. We end up replacing them fairly often.

We've heard that these "Slipsick" floor protectors work well. The packaging says that they are "perfect for wood floors" and "guaranteed to never fall off or wear out for five years". There are also nail-on "glides" in various shapes and sizes. The possible downside to all of these is that are pretty permanently attached, which may or may not be a problem, depending on how you feel about nailing something to the bottom of your chair legs...

Anyone else have any tips for Parker?

(Image: Bernhardt Design's Ellington Chair via

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Good Questions

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