Good Questions: Mystery Chandelier

Good Questions: Mystery Chandelier

Janel Laban
Mar 9, 2007

Melissa needs design detective work. She sent us an email: "I own this chandelier, which I paid $75 for when a local antiques store was going out of business, and I love it. The vertical cylinders are made of cardboard (weird, right?), and the H-shaped joining pieces are made of some other lightweight material. That is all coated with some kind of faux-chrome film. This makes it very lightweight, as you can imagine, which is great for old tired ceilings.

Any idea what this thing is?"

"There are no markings that I've found and I've googled myself to death without finding a thing."

It's a great looking fixture and we are hoping that our design-wise readership can rise to the challenge...can anyone help Melissa ID her chandelier?

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