Good Questions: Quick Pet Hair Cleanup?

Good Questions: Quick Pet Hair Cleanup?

Jun 27, 2007

Margie has has a pet question:

"Hello AT! It's quite a production to extricate my full-sized canister vacuum cleaner from its tiny closet. So I'd like to have a smaller more manageable device to quickly remove the cat hair from the couch on a daily basis. I used to have a handheld vac that was a piece of junk, so I don't want to repeat the same mistake. Any suggestions?

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Hi Margie,

There are a lot of things on the market now to help remove pet hair without dragging out the vacuum. One of our long time cat-owner friends highly recommends this 10" wide roller from Evercare. She says "We keep one in the front hall closet, for the sofas, and one upstairs for the chair the cats sleep on. I got mine at Target, but you can also get it at It's easy to assemble and inexpensive. I buy the re-fills online at so i can throw them in for free shipping. It covers a larger surface area, so it doesn't take quite as long to roll, and the sheets on it seem to be stronger than the average roller... it's just not as wimpy." We've also heard rubber dishwashing gloves work really well. Here is a link to some more suggestions (for cat hair). We're sure there are a ton of AT:LA pet owners, so what are your suggestions for quick pet hair cleanup? Share in the comments!

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