Good Questions: Ideas for Concealing the Carpet, Etc.?

Good Questions: Ideas for Concealing the Carpet, Etc.?

Heather Blaha
Mar 12, 2007

Dear AT,

The foundation walls in my dirt-cheap but cozy basement apartment are covered plainly in three of the rooms, but the bedroom has a hideous, rust-colored carpet-covered wall. The carpet is also featured in my study room, but I can at least hide it if it's on the floor.

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I'd like some ideas on how to inexpensively utilize this potentially neat ledge, and what, if anything, I can do to hide or make attractive the carpet-wall in the bedroom. According to my lease, I can't change or rip out the carpet (underneath all the ledges is concrete wall). I believe I am allowed to paint as long as it's an "improvement". Ideas using the ledge to de-emphasize the low, smack-your-knuckles ceilings are also welcome!

More apartment pictures in my Flickr album here.


Readers, Shawn needs your brilliant ideas!! This is a large, good challenge for some innovative thinkers.

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