Good Questions: What Color for My Office?

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Hello AT,

I have spent months deliberating over the right color for two walls in my livingroom. The front of my livingroom is used as a kind of office space, with my bookshelves and desk. I have experimented with the right color to define this space (behind the bookshelves and desk), while playing off of the colors of my couch and rug...

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I've gone from greens (I realize that there are already too many in the room) to blues (just painted this swatch yesterday), but so far I can't find a color that feels quite right. I'm thinking I may need a subtler blue, or maybe a pale yellow, but at this point, I've looked at so many paint swatches that I'm just plain confused. I'm hoping you and your readers might have some helpful color ideas.

Thanks, Diana

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Dear Diana,

Personally, we like the green a whole lot more than the baby blue, and we like the idea of sectioning off that side of the room as well. If you want some inspiration, we'd check out Ralph Lauren's color booklets as well as all Mark's ColorTherapy posts. You could go a lot further with a slightly more sophisticated accent color AND a tonal off white on the other walls

Anyone else??

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