Good Questions: Above-bed art in an earthquake zone?

Good Questions: Above-bed art in an earthquake zone?

Feb 27, 2007


I live in a turn-of-the-last-century house that has seen better days. My walls will barely hold a picture because the plaster either crumbles away from the screw or the the wallpaper (under many layers of paint) is seperated from the wall. Need I tell you about the wine glass holder that came down off the kitchen wall and nearly skewered my roommate's pug with shards of glass? To futher complicate the situation, we here on the West Coast are prone to earthquakes.

My question is, can I safely put a large, framed print above my headboard without risking that it will come down on my head?

Thank you!
Silvia in Seattle

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No. It's not safe, and it's especially not safe if your walls have a history of being unreliabile hanging posts.

....but you can try attaching something to the wall that's very light and soft, like these silk banners. To bypass the problem of crumbly plaster walls, try Command surface adhesive wall clips or mounting strips instead of sinking in nails or screws that are bound not to work.

Anyone else?

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