Good Questions: Who Makes a Good Portable Washer/Dryer?

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Hello AT,

I live in a rental apartment that's one floor of a circa-1920's house with no washer and dryer. I'm looking for a portable, single load at-home washing machine (not a little salad spinner thing for hand washing delicates) that connects to a sink...

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A quick search turned up the "Avanti Top Load Washing Machine with Electronic Controls - 10.0 Lb. Capacity", as well as this little dude, the "Wonder Washer", but I really don't know the first thing about these appliances in terms of specs, ease of use, effectiveness, etc.

Does anybody have any experience with or suggestions for these kinds of products? I don't mind doing hand laundry every now and then, but I would love the convenience of taking care of full loads at home in between, or perhaps even replacing, my big laundromat excursions.

Thanks! Allison


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