Good Questions: Can a lacquer table be scratch-proofed?

Good Questions: Can a lacquer table be scratch-proofed?

Feb 28, 2007

Hi AT,

We just bought this high gloss, laquered table. Now we have to figure out how to keep our 17-month old from destroying it (Please don't ask why we would buy a table like this when we have a small child. We must have been high.)

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It's highly susceptible to scratches, so a simple piece of fabric won't do. We've cut out a big piece of cardboard that we can tape to it, but that's not very pretty. I was thinking about trying to find some thick foam or rubber, like a yoga mat. I don't know where to go for that, though.
Any suggestions?

(watch for our old coffee table to appear in the classifieds as soon as I can get my husband to agree to get rid of it!)

Michele in Bernal Heights

Hi Michele,

The table is beautiful.

To protect the tabletop surface and the bottom of the pedestal try wipe-clean white oilcloth, cut to the exact sizes of the circles. (If you decide to let the little one play at the table you can find black oilcloth with a blackboard finish). Secure with Command adhesive strips, which are easily removed, so that the little one can't yank it off.

For child safety you can stretch an expandable bumper around the edge of the tabletop. They aren't pretty, but at least they come in a neutral gray (in three sizes), which will work in this room.

Protecting the upright of the pedestal from child-created scratches and bumps might be a little harder. Any good ideas out there?

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