Good Questions: Where should I store yesterday's clothes?

Good Questions: Where should I store yesterday's clothes?

Mar 1, 2007

Hello apartmentherapy,

There's one thing that keeps my bedroom from staying tidy: I don't know what to do with clothes I've worn.

After a day, most things aren't really dirty, so I don't want to throw them in the hamper (especially hand-washables), but they aren't exactly clean either, so it doesn't seem right to put them back in the drawer or closet.

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I've got some hooks on the wall that work for a few things, but sweaters and pants usually end up folded (or tossed) on top of my dresser, which looks awful. I've GOT to figure out a solution. I'm too embarrassed to send a photo of what it looks like now!

Thanks for any ideas!

Image: omelet333

Hi Squiggle,

We're going to look to the Shakers from some solutions to this one. A good-looking laundry basket or hamper on the floor next to your dresser might be a better way to go, and we lik this one, from Shaker Workshops.

If you decide to reconsider the wall hooks, you might try a wall-mounted Shaker peg rack, like this one, or for even more space, this double tiered one. The clothes are still out in the open, but the rack makes them look and feel like they are meant to be there.

Anyone else?

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