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Hello AT,

I'm planning on getting a white flokati to go along with my mid-
century like decor (imagine a womb chair in place of the folding chair). My Living room is L shaped with a piano and home office at the other end of the long part of the L which is not showing (the short part of the L is the entry and kitchen/dining area)...

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The living room area is defined by the two windows on one side and
staircase/piller opposite. I thought it would be best not to have
the rug under the couch (the better to show off the beautiful
stainless legs on my new Ligne Roset "Stricto Sensu" couches).

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If I get a rug that centers between the couches and the knoll chair I feel the rug will be too small! Is it okay for the rug to go under the knoll chairs, but not under the couch? I've included a photo w/o rug, a photo with 4'x 6' newspapers and a photo with 7'x9' newspapers.

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Thanks! Sadie in Brooklyn