Good Questions: Dania Feedback?

Good Questions: Dania Feedback?

Janel Laban
Mar 23, 2007

Vanessa is looking for some opinions: "I've been having a hard time finding affordable modern furniture with clean lines in the chicagoland area, that isn't hard as a rock. Plus I'm looking for a sectional, with silver metal trim instead of wood. I've been to all the usual local places (Domicile, CB2, West Elm, Roy's Furniture, Z Gallerie, etc.) without finding "the one".

At Dania, I'm a little shocked at the low prices on their website. I'm having a serious case of "Caveat emptor"thinking and concerned about the fabric quality and construction.

I'd love to hear some feedback from other customers of Dania Furniture."

We haven't shopped at Dania, so were asking all of you to chime in...thumbs up or down for Dania and why...

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