Good Questions: Water Pipe Covers?

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Hello AT,

I have 2 ceiling to floor hot water poles in my apartment. I would like to cover them, but can not find anything appropriate for their size. Does anyone know of a product made for this purpose?

Thanks, ks

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Dear Kimberly,

Most hardware stores sell a very basic - and not very attractive - pipe insulation foam. It is grey and comes in a number of different diameters and lengths. It looks like this. Because it is not very attractive, we would recommend wrapping it in fabric afterwards or even in canvas, which you could paint.

There are other solutions as well and here are some links:
Flex Wrap Pipe Insulation: This wraps around your pipes and is white.
Smock & Schonthaler INDUSTRIAL INSULATION: Has a good variety of heavy duty types.
Wrap-on Fiberglass insulation: Wraps up your pipe and then gets taped over to seal.
Insulating Pipe Wrap: This is a wrappable product made of foam that is less heavy duty than the fiberglass style.

Anyone else??

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