Good Questions: When Is There Too Much Brown?

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Hello AT,

When is there just too much brown? We've recently moved to our first real place and our main room is for watching tv, dining, and home office. In addition to the soft furnishings in the room (which are white linen, steel gray, & a red sofa) we have the following: a brown credenza, a brown dining table and our new desk will be brown. All of these pieces will be very close in height (27'-30') and we wonder if it will be too much...

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Should we opt for something different like the silver or gloss white at West Elm? I don't mind pieces all sharing the same harmonious shade, but because of the similarity in size I wonder if it will all just look too matched.

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We'll hang some framed photos etc. on the walls, that should help to vary the levels around the room, but we're doubtful about all this brown wood at the same height. Whadyathink?

Thanks! Jen David


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