Good Questions: How Can I Visually Divide This Room?

Good Questions: How Can I Visually Divide This Room?

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 25, 2007

Hello AT,

I have a new apt. with a room that will be a combined living and dining room area, which is 329 S.F. I like things separate, so I'm looking for ideas to visually divide the room.

The dining table will go under the chandelier in the right corner (don't worry it will be improved soon!)...

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Will it look odd if I just paint that corner red and leave the rest white? Maybe a single accent wall (but which?) If it matters, the windows face south so its always very bright.

It's govt housing so we cannot paint the trim or do anything major. I'm thinking we can use furniture to further separate the two areas, but not sure how to position it.

Thanks! Tamara

Dear Tamara,

First of all, jump over to Amazon and buy my book. Seriously, beyond the help we can give you here, in just a few hours (and for $11.20) you can take in a ton of tips on arrangement and color that will help you address your space.

Secondly, the main thing you want to do is use your sofa to divide the room and then use the role of an accent wall to further that split. One color for the living room and one in the kitchen will do you.

We would also take a look through our list of Small Cool apartments from last year, as there are MANY that creatively and successfully solve this problem.

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